Website: https://www.wordmine.info/german/words-ending-in/ About Them: Type beginning or end of word, get list of all the possible German words with those exact beginnings or endings. The website https://www.wordmine.info/german/words-ending-in/ is a language … Read more


Website: https://www.font-generator.com/fonts/18thCenturyKurrent/ About Them: The website https://www.font-generator.com/fonts/18thCenturyKurrent/ provides a free online tool to generate digital text in the style of the 18th century German Kurrent handwriting script. Some of the … Read more

Old German Font-Generator Tool

Website: http://www.deutsche-handschrift.de/adsschreiben.php About Them: The website http://www.deutsche-handschrift.de/adsschreiben.php is a resource for learning about German handwriting from the 16th to the 20th century. It focuses on the so-called “Ausgangsschriften,” which were … Read more