About Them:

Type beginning or end of word, get list of all the possible German words with those exact beginnings or endings.

The website https://www.wordmine.info/german/words-ending-in/ is a language learning resource that provides a list of German words ending with a particular letter or group of letters. The website appears to be part of a larger platform dedicated to helping people improve their vocabulary and language skills.

The website allows users to search for German words that end with any letter or group of letters they choose. For example, users can search for words that end with “-en”, “-heit”, or “-schaft”. Each search result is presented in a list format, with each word listed along with its definition and an example sentence.

In addition to the list of words, the website also provides some additional resources for learning and practicing German vocabulary, including quizzes, flashcards, and word games. Users can also create their own personalized vocabulary lists and track their progress over time.

The purpose of the website appears to be to help people improve their German vocabulary and language skills by providing them with a variety of resources and tools. By allowing users to search for words based on their ending letters, the website can help users expand their vocabulary and develop a better understanding of German word structure and grammar.


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