GenWiki’s Abkurzungen site Abbreviations


About Article:

The websiteürzungen is a German-language resource that provides a comprehensive database of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in genealogy research in Germany. The website appears to be part of a larger wiki platform dedicated to genealogy research and family history.

The website is organized alphabetically, and each entry includes a list of abbreviations and acronyms, along with a brief explanation of their meaning and context. The entries cover a wide range of topics related to genealogy research, including church records, civil registration, military records, and more.

In addition to the list of abbreviations and acronyms, the website also provides additional information and resources for genealogy research, including links to other websites, discussion forums, and research guides. Users can also contribute to the database by adding new abbreviations or correcting existing entries.

The purpose of the website appears to be to help genealogists better understand and interpret the various abbreviations and acronyms they may encounter in their research. By providing a comprehensive and up-to-date database of these terms, along with explanations and context, the website can help researchers overcome language and cultural barriers and make more informed interpretations of historical records and documents.