Abbreviations-in-church-records file


About Article:

The website is a PDF document that provides information about old terms and abbreviations commonly found in German church records (Kirchenbücher or “KB” for short). The document appears to be part of a larger website dedicated to genealogy research and family history.

The document begins by explaining the importance of understanding old terms and abbreviations in genealogy research, particularly when working with church records. It then goes on to provide a list of common terms and abbreviations that genealogists may encounter in these records.

The terms and abbreviations are arranged alphabetically, and each entry includes a brief explanation of the term or abbreviation, as well as an example of how it might appear in a church record. The document also includes some additional notes and tips for interpreting church records, such as the importance of paying attention to the Latin names and terms that may appear in the records.

Overall, the purpose of the document appears to be to help genealogists better understand and interpret old church records, which can be a valuable resource for tracing family history. By providing explanations and examples of common terms and abbreviations, the document can help researchers overcome language and cultural barriers and better understand the historical context of their ancestors’ lives.