Cemeteries Outside the Box: Virtual Graveyards and Other Tree-Building Tactics  (Sacramento German Gen. Soc.)

Presenter: Anne Brenneis Pacific Time Zone (PT) - Online & in-person Sacramento German Genealogy Society's own Anne Brenneis is certified in the proper procedures for tombstone cleaning and repair.  Join us for her presentation! Cemeteries with gravestones for our family members are always exciting to find and yield many clues about their lives. Burial sites often disappear, ... Read more


Pennsylvania German Enslavers: A Re-examination

Learn about Pennsylvania Germans' history of enslavement. About this event What role did Pennsylvania’s German population play in African enslavement, and where does it show up in archival records? As with much historical examination of the extent of slavery in the North, a re-examination of documents has led to a deeper understanding of the use ... Read more


Navigating Online Records in Poland to Find Ancestors (Webinar)

 This presentation will provide a brief overview of two primary databases which reveal parish and civil registry records in Poland encompassing many Polish, German and Jewish residents in the 19th – early 20th centuries: Geneteka and Metryki.Genealodzy.PL

“Beginning Germanic Research”

Zoom Meeting

Beginning Germanic Research.   We will be exploring how to find where in "Germany" our folks came from, looking at the language and writing, and online resources to search. There will be time for questions. Speaker: Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach has been exploring family history for over 40 years.  She has Pommeranian and Saxony German roots, as ... Read more

Crossing Borders, annual convention  (SGGEE- Ger. Gen. in E. Europe)

Pacific Time Zone (PT) - Online For German-speakers in Poland and Ukraine, your ancestors' journey often occurred in stages. At this weekend convention, speakers will review why Germans would have moved to Galicia, Pommerania, and East Prussia and Lithuania, and why they might have moved on to Poland and Ukraine. We'll aso have speakers in research in Ukraine and how to expand your research beyond the usual sites. Follow the convention blog for updates as time draws closer to the opening of registration, which is free for all attendees.


Exploring Your German Ancestor in Indiana  (PALAM – Indiana Chapter)

Eastern Time Zone (ET) - Online Explore Indiana German roots at the Palatines to America chapter's Fall Meeting. Topics include German History of Indiana by Dr. Giles Hoyt, German Life in Indiana to 1918 by William L. Selm,  Finding German Genealogy Resources in Indiana by Allison DePrey Singleton, and Proofing Your German Hoosiers by Jacob ... Read more

 “Gadgets, Contraptions, Thingamajigs, and Whatchamacallits Our German Ancestors Could Hardly Have Lived Without”.

Presenter: Ingeborg Carpenter Mountain Time Zone - Online and English The Colorado Chapter of Palatines to America (COPALAM) will be presenting a half-day Fall Seminar with Ingeborg Carpenter. Her topic will be "Gadgets, Contraptions, Thingamajigs, and Whatchamacallits Our German Ancestors Could Hardly Have Lived Without".  It appears that our German ancestors had a gadget or ... Read more


“Exploring the Recruitment of Germans to Michigan”

MIGGS Zoom Meetings

Did you know that Michigan was the first state to employ Immigration agents? Once Michigan became a state it was growing as a state, but it wasn’t growing with foreigners. Join MIGGS to explore the conditions which enticed Germans to migrate to Michigan; learn how the recruitment process worked, the laws that encouraged immigration, and ... Read more