Kartenmeister Terms and Words – Dictionary in German-English-Polish



About Them:

Kartenmeister Terms and words used in their database showing equivalents in German-English-Polish.

These web pages will give you a general overview of terms and words used in the Kartenmeister database. The explanation after the slashes indicates the plural form. Where no explanation is given several possibilities exist and no attempt was made to list all.  At the end of this list you will find an explanation for potential pitfalls , synonyms, in the German language

Written records versus orally transmitted ones

Potential pitfalls lay in the writing and or translation of German town names. See the example: Johannisthal – Johannistal.  Johannesthal – Johannestal. Only  a careful listener would pick up the differences. The h after the t would be silent in the German language.   The only in East prussia to find syllable   … gaitschen or .. geitschen would be pronounced the same way.