Kurrent typewriter – a tool to support reading old texts



About Them:

The website https://archivfuehrer-kolonialzeit.de/font-tool provides a free online tool to transcribe German handwritten documents from the colonial era (late 19th to early 20th century) using the Sütterlin script, which was used in Germany during that period.

Some of the key features of the website include:

  • Sütterlin font transcription: The website provides a free online tool that transcribes handwritten text from the colonial era German documents into typed text using the Sütterlin font.
  • Historical context: The website includes some historical context about the Sütterlin script and its usage in Germany, particularly during the colonial era.
  • Practice exercises: The website provides some practice exercises to help users become familiar with the Sütterlin script.

Overall, the website https://archivfuehrer-kolonialzeit.de/font-tool is a useful resource for genealogists, historians, and researchers who are working with German colonial-era documents and need to transcribe the text into a digital format. The tool’s ability to transcribe handwritten text into the Sütterlin font, combined with its historical context and practice exercises, make it a valuable resource for those working with German colonial-era documents.


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