GenWiki Portal Encyclopedias Section – with occupations and diseases


About Them: is a website dedicated to helping people research their family history and genealogy. It provides a variety of resources, including articles, databases, and discussion forums, to assist researchers in their quest for information about their ancestors.

Within, the Lexika portal specifically focuses on genealogical dictionaries and encyclopedias. Genealogical dictionaries and encyclopedias are valuable resources for genealogists because they contain detailed information about people, places, and events from various historical periods.

The Lexika portal provides information on genealogical dictionaries and encyclopedias in several languages, including German, English, French, and Dutch. It includes articles on specific dictionaries and encyclopedias, as well as general information on how to use them effectively for genealogical research.

The portal also contains links to online resources where genealogists can access digital copies of genealogical dictionaries and encyclopedias. Additionally, it offers guidance on how to interpret and understand the information contained in these resources, which can be particularly challenging for non-experts.

Overall, the Lexika portal is a valuable resource for genealogists and family history researchers who are interested in exploring the wealth of information contained in genealogical dictionaries and encyclopedias. It provides information and guidance that can help researchers make the most of these resources in their search for information about their ancestors.

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