Old German Cursive Alphabet & Typefaces: Deciphering Old German Script



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The website https://germangirlinamerica.com/old-german-cursive-alphabet-and-typefaces/ is a blog post by a blogger named Karen, who runs a website about German culture and travel. The blog post provides information about old German cursive handwriting and typefaces, which can be helpful for those who are researching their German ancestors or working with historical documents.

The blog post includes a brief history of German handwriting and a description of the two main styles of cursive handwriting used in Germany from the 16th to the early 20th century. The post also includes a chart that shows the letters of the German cursive alphabet, with examples of each letter in both upper and lowercase forms.

In addition to handwriting, the blog post also covers old German typefaces, including the popular Fraktur font that was commonly used in Germany until the mid-20th century. The post includes examples of Fraktur and other German typefaces, as well as tips on how to identify and read them.

Overall, the blog post on https://germangirlinamerica.com/ provides a helpful introduction to old German cursive handwriting and typefaces. The information provided can be useful for genealogists, historians, and anyone interested in German language and culture.