19 Common Abbreviations in German Genealogy



About Article:

The website https://germanologyunlocked.com/ is dedicated to helping people research their German ancestors and learn more about German genealogy. The specific blog post titled “19 Common Abbreviations in German Genealogy” provides information on some of the most commonly used abbreviations that researchers may encounter in German genealogy records.

The post begins by noting that abbreviations can be challenging for researchers to interpret, but that understanding them is essential for successful genealogical research. The author then goes on to list and explain 19 abbreviations, including “geb.” for “geboren” (meaning “born”), “gt.” for “getauft” (meaning “baptized”), “oo” for “heiratete” (meaning “married”), and “wwe.” for “witwe” (meaning “widow”).

Each abbreviation is explained in detail, including its meaning, how it is used in genealogy records, and any nuances or variations that researchers should be aware of. The post also includes examples of how the abbreviations might appear in actual records, such as birth or marriage certificates.

Overall, the blog post provides a useful resource for anyone researching their German ancestry, particularly those who may be unfamiliar with the abbreviations commonly used in German genealogy records. By providing clear explanations and examples, the post can help researchers better understand and interpret the documents they are working with.