Der Familienstammbaum occupations list (in German)


About Article:

The website is a German-language resource that provides information about old and historical occupations that may be encountered in genealogical research. The page appears to be part of a larger website dedicated to genealogy research and family history.

Specifically, the page lists and explains various old occupations that were once common in Germany and other German-speaking areas. The occupations are arranged alphabetically, and each entry includes a brief description of the occupation, information about what it involved, and sometimes even illustrations or photographs of the tools or products associated with the occupation.

Examples of some of the occupations listed on the page include “Bauer” (farmer), “Feldscher” (military medic), “Glasmacher” (glassmaker), and “Küfer” (barrel maker). For each occupation, the page provides a historical context, including information about how the occupation was practiced, what kinds of tools or equipment were used, and any specific skills or knowledge required.

The purpose of the page appears to be to provide genealogists with a better understanding of the historical context in which their ancestors lived and worked. By providing information about old occupations, the page can help researchers better understand the lives and experiences of their ancestors, and may also help them to interpret any historical documents or records they encounter that reference these old occupations.