About Them:

Josef Mitterhuber probably had no idea that the specialist cartographic publisher would become an internationally successful group of companies when he founded the city publisher in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt in 1951. The beginnings in a residential area on Daimlerstrasse were initially modest.

The website belongs to a German publishing company called “Städte-Verlag”. The company specializes in publishing regional and local information for various regions in Germany.

The website provides information about the company’s publications, which include regional and city guides, event calendars, and directories of local businesses and organizations. The company publishes guides for various regions in Germany, including cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, as well as smaller towns and regions.

In addition to its print publications, the Städte-Verlag website also offers a range of digital services, such as e-books, online directories, and mobile applications. These digital services provide users with access to information about local businesses, events, and attractions in their respective regions.

Overall, the Städte-Verlag website is a resource for anyone looking for information about a particular region in Germany, such as local events, attractions, and businesses. The company’s publications can be useful for tourists and travelers, as well as local residents who want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in their region.


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