FamilySearch: Learn Old German Script


About Them:

The webpage is a resource provided by FamilySearch, a non-profit organization dedicated to genealogy and family history research.

This webpage offers a free online lesson on how to read old German script, which is a style of handwriting that was commonly used in German-speaking countries from the 16th to the early 20th century. The lesson includes information on the history of old German script, as well as tips and techniques for reading and interpreting handwritten records in this script.

The lesson is divided into several sections, which cover topics such as the basic elements of old German script, common abbreviations and symbols, and strategies for deciphering unfamiliar words and phrases. The lesson also includes practice exercises to help users develop their skills in reading and interpreting old German script.

In addition to this lesson on old German script, the FamilySearch website offers many other resources for genealogical research, including access to online records and databases, research guides, and tools for organizing and analyzing genealogical data.

Overall, the FamilySearch website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in researching their family history, particularly those with German ancestry who may need to navigate old German script in historical records.


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