About Them:

The website is a genealogy research service offered by the company “European Roots Genealogy Research” which specializes in tracing family histories for people with German ancestry.

The website provides information on the company’s German genealogy research services, which include researching German church records, civil registration records, and other historical documents to uncover information about clients’ German ancestors. The company can also conduct genealogical research in other European countries.

In addition to its research services, the website also offers free resources and tips for those conducting their own German genealogy research. These resources include links to online archives and databases, as well as guides on how to conduct effective genealogical research in Germany.

Overall, the European Roots Genealogy Research website is a resource for anyone seeking assistance with tracing their German ancestry. The company’s research services can be useful for those who want to learn more about their German family history but don’t have the time or expertise to conduct the research themselves. The website’s free resources can also be helpful for those who want to conduct their own research but need guidance and direction.


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