Free German Genealogy Terms Reference Charts


About Them:

The webpage is a resource page on the website of Family Tree Magazine that provides free reference charts for German genealogy terms.

The resource includes several printable charts that can be used to help genealogists understand and interpret German-language records, including birth, marriage, and death records. The charts provide translations of common German genealogy terms, abbreviations, and phrases, as well as examples of how these terms may appear in records.

The resource also includes links to additional articles and resources on German genealogy, including tips for researching German ancestors and strategies for overcoming common research challenges.

Overall, the Family Tree Magazine resource is designed to help genealogists navigate the often-complex world of German genealogy research by providing clear and concise reference charts and helpful resources. It may be of interest to individuals who are researching their German ancestry or who are interested in learning more about German genealogy research.


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