FamilySearch Classes in the Learning Center


About Them:

The webpage is a page on the FamilySearch website that provides information on the various classes and tutorials available in the FamilySearch Learning Center.

The Learning Center is an online educational resource designed to help individuals learn more about genealogy research and how to use the FamilySearch website and its many resources. The classes and tutorials cover a wide range of topics related to genealogy research, including how to research specific geographic regions, how to use DNA testing in genealogy research, and how to use various research tools and databases.

The Learning Center offers both live and recorded classes, as well as interactive tutorials and webinars. The classes and tutorials are free and open to the public, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Overall, the FamilySearch Learning Center is a valuable resource for individuals who are interested in learning more about genealogy research and how to use the many resources available on the FamilySearch website. The classes and tutorials provide a wealth of information and guidance on a variety of genealogy-related topics, and can help individuals to become more effective and efficient in their research.


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