Genealogy Indexer various directories for Central & Eastern Europe


About Them:

The webpage is a website that provides access to more than two million pages of historical directories, books, and other publications that are relevant to genealogy research.

The GenealogyIndexer website focuses on publications that are specific to Eastern and Central Europe, including Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Belarus. The website allows users to search for specific surnames, locations, or other keywords within these publications, and provides links to digital copies of the original publications where possible.

The website is organized by country and publication type, making it easy for users to navigate and find the resources that they need. In addition to historical directories and books, the website also provides access to Holocaust-era records, naturalization records, and other genealogy-related documents.

Overall, the GenealogyIndexer website is a valuable resource for individuals who are researching their Eastern and Central European ancestry. The website’s vast collection of digitized publications and records provides a wealth of information and resources for genealogy research, and its powerful search capabilities make it easy for users to find the information that they need.


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