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About Article:

The webpage is an article on the English-language version of Wikipedia that provides information about the Prussian Crusade, which was a series of military campaigns by European Christians against the Prussian pagans in the 13th century.

The article covers the history of the Prussian Crusade, which was launched by the Teutonic Knights, a Catholic military order, in response to the resistance of the Prussian tribes to Christianization. The article provides information on the various campaigns and battles of the Crusade, including the Battle of Durbe and the Siege of Marienburg.

The article discusses the religious, cultural, and political motivations behind the Prussian Crusade, as well as its impact on the Prussian people and their way of life. It also examines the legacy of the Crusade, including its role in the development of the Teutonic Knights and the creation of the State of the Teutonic Order.