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About Them:

www.auswanderer-bw.de is a website that provides information about emigration from the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The website is in German, and it includes historical information, photos, and personal stories about individuals who left Baden-Württemberg and emigrated to other parts of the world.

The website contains a variety of resources, including databases of emigrants, passenger lists, and immigration records. It also provides information on how to research your family history and trace your ancestors back to Baden-Württemberg.

In addition to the genealogical resources, the website also provides historical context about emigration from Baden-Württemberg, including economic, social, and political factors that influenced people to leave the region. The website also features personal stories of emigrants, which provide a glimpse into the experiences of individuals and families who left their home country and started a new life in a different part of the world.

Overall, www.auswanderer-bw.de is a valuable resource for anyone interested in researching their family history or learning more about the history of emigration from Baden-Württemberg.


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