German and American Sources for German Emigration


About Them:

This is an old site which has been migrated to GenWiki, but there is lots of good info on published books and online sources for finding emigration records. is a website that provides resources for genealogical research related to emigration from Germany. The website is in German, and it includes information and links to databases, records, and other resources for tracing German ancestors who emigrated to other parts of the world.

The website includes information on emigration from different regions of Germany, including historical context, reasons for emigration, and demographics of emigrants. It also includes links to databases and resources for finding passenger lists, immigration records, and other documentation related to emigration from Germany.

Additionally, the website includes information on other genealogical resources, such as church records, census records, and cemetery records, to help users further trace their family history. There are also forums and mailing lists available for users to connect with other researchers and share information.


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