Schleswig-Holstein Emigration Database 19th and early 20th century emigrations


About Them: is a website dedicated to genealogy research, specifically focusing on German genealogy. The Emi section of the website is a database of passenger lists from German emigrants who left their home country and traveled to other parts of the world, primarily the United States and Canada, during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The database includes information on over 150,000 individuals, and it allows users to search for their ancestors by name, place of origin, and year of emigration. The passenger lists contain information such as the passenger’s name, age, occupation, last residence in Germany, and the name of the ship and port of departure and arrival.

In addition to the passenger lists, the Emi section of also provides links to other genealogy resources, such as census records, immigration and naturalization records, and cemetery records, to help users further trace their family history.

Overall, the Emi section of is a valuable resource for anyone researching German genealogy or looking to trace their family history back to Germany.

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