Hessen Emmigrants, 1821+



About Them:

Arcinsys is an online database of archives and historical documents in the state of Hessen, Germany. It is maintained by the Hessian State Archives, which is responsible for preserving and making accessible historical documents from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Arcinsys provides access to digitized documents, finding aids, inventories, and indexes related to Hessian history and culture. Users can search for documents related to individuals, families, organizations, and events. The database includes a wide range of materials, including administrative records, court documents, church registers, maps, photographs, and more.

The goal of Arcinsys is to facilitate research and promote access to historical information, while also preserving and protecting Hessian cultural heritage. The database is freely accessible to the public and is used by researchers, scholars, genealogists, and anyone interested in exploring the rich history of Hessen.


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