Oldenburg Emmigrants



About Them:

www.auswanderer-oldenburg.de is a website dedicated to the emigration history of the Oldenburg region in Germany. The website provides a wealth of information and resources for those interested in tracing the emigration of their ancestors from the Oldenburg area, including historical background information, lists of emigrants, and resources for genealogical research.

The website is maintained by the State Archive of Lower Saxony – Oldenburg, which holds a significant collection of documents related to emigration from the region. The archive has digitized many of these documents, making them accessible to researchers and genealogists around the world.

On the website, users can search for emigrants by name, place of origin, or destination, and view detailed information about their emigration, such as their occupation, age, and date of departure. The website also includes maps, photographs, and historical background information about the emigration process and the conditions that led many people to leave the Oldenburg region.

Overall, www.auswanderer-oldenburg.de is a valuable resource for anyone interested in tracing their family history and learning about the emigration history of the Oldenburg region in Germany.


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