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About Them:

The website is dedicated to helping people with German ancestry research their family history. Specifically, the page provides links to a variety of German genealogy databases and resources that can be used to search for information about ancestors in Germany.

The page includes links to databases such as the German Emigration Database, which contains information on over 5 million German emigrants who left Germany between 1820 and 1939. Other databases listed on the page include the German-American Genealogical Partnership, which provides access to a variety of German genealogy resources, and the German Genealogy Group, which provides access to German church records and other genealogy databases.

In addition to the databases, the page also provides links to other resources for German genealogy research, such as historical societies, archives, and libraries that may have information on ancestors in Germany. There are also links to websites that provide guidance on reading German handwriting and other language-related tools.

Overall, is a valuable resource for anyone researching their German ancestry. The site provides a variety of resources and databases that can help researchers find information about their ancestors and connect with other researchers who may be working on similar projects.

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