German GenWiki – Wiki for German genealogy


About Them:

The website is a German language genealogy wiki focused on genealogy research in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The wiki is a collaborative platform where genealogy researchers can share information and resources related to their family history research in German-speaking countries. The website contains articles and resources related to a wide range of topics, including family history research methods, archives and libraries, genealogy software, and local history.

The website also contains a database of surnames and a searchable database of place names, which can be useful for researchers trying to locate their ancestors in German-speaking countries. Additionally, there are forums where researchers can ask questions and connect with other genealogists who are working on similar research projects.

Overall, the genealogy wiki appears to be a comprehensive and useful resource for anyone conducting family history research in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The collaborative nature of the wiki means that it is constantly being updated with new information and resources, making it a valuable tool for genealogy researchers.


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