Eight FamilySearch Features You’re Not Using



About article:

The website/article “8 FamilySearch Features You’re Not Using” appears to be about highlighting eight lesser-known features of the FamilySearch genealogy website, which is a free website that allows people to research their family history.

The article may provide tips and insights for individuals who are new to the website or may not be fully utilizing its features. It may discuss specific features of FamilySearch that users may not be aware of, such as how to use the search function more effectively, how to attach photos or documents to an ancestor’s profile, or how to collaborate with other users on family history research.

Overall, the article is likely to be a helpful resource for individuals who are using FamilySearch to research their family history and are looking to learn more about the website’s capabilities and features. It may provide useful tips and insights that can help users get more out of their experience on the website.