Genealogy at the State Library of Pennsylvania


About Them:

The website is a blog post by genealogy expert Lisa Louise Cooke about the resources available for genealogical research at the State Library of Pennsylvania.

In the blog post, Cooke discusses the different types of records and resources available at the State Library of Pennsylvania, including newspapers, city directories, maps, and census records. She also provides tips on how to access and use these resources effectively, such as by searching for specific names or locations, using online databases, and consulting with librarians for assistance.

Cooke also highlights the benefits of visiting the State Library of Pennsylvania in person, such as the ability to access unique and rare materials that may not be available online. She provides information on the library’s hours of operation and location, as well as tips on how to plan a research trip to the library.

Overall, the website is a useful resource for anyone interested in researching their Pennsylvania ancestors. It provides detailed information on the resources available at the State Library of Pennsylvania and offers tips and advice on how to use these resources effectively for genealogical research.


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