Diocesan archive of the diocese of Fulda



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The website http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Di%C3%B6zesanarchiv_des_Bistums_Fulda is a German-language wiki page that provides information about the Diocesan Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fulda, located in Fulda, Germany.

The wiki page provides a brief history of the Diocesan Archives, which were founded in 1926 and contain records related to the history of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Fulda. It also provides information on the types of records available in the archives, such as parish registers, school records, and administrative records, as well as tips on how to access and use these records for genealogical and historical research.

The wiki page also provides information on the services offered by the Diocesan Archives, such as research assistance and digitization services. It also includes links to related resources, such as the archive’s online catalog and a list of related archives and libraries in the region.

Overall, the website http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Di%C3%B6zesanarchiv_des_Bistums_Fulda is a useful resource for anyone interested in researching their Catholic ancestors in the Diocese of Fulda. It provides valuable information on the records and services available at the Diocesan Archives and offers tips and advice on how to use these resources effectively for genealogical and historical research.