German Resource Spotlight: Hamburg Passenger Lists


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The website is an article featured in the Family Tree Magazine that highlights the importance of the Hamburg passenger lists for those with German ancestors.

The article provides a brief history of the port of Hamburg, which was a major hub for emigration from Germany to the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It goes on to discuss the importance of the Hamburg passenger lists, which provide a wealth of information about German emigrants, including their names, ages, occupations, and destinations.

The article also offers tips on how to access and search the Hamburg passenger lists, including using online databases like and, as well as visiting archives and libraries in person. It also provides advice on how to interpret and use the information found in the passenger lists, such as by cross-referencing them with other genealogical records and historical documents.

Overall, the website is a helpful resource for anyone with German ancestry who is interested in learning more about their family history and the emigration patterns of their ancestors. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the Hamburg passenger lists and offers practical advice on how to use this valuable resource for genealogical research.