Emigrants from Ostbevern, Westphalia to America – majority headed to Cincinnati



About Article

The article is about Werner Schubert, a resident of Ostbevern, Germany who has a passion for researching and documenting the stories of people who left Ostbevern for America in the 19th century. Schubert spent almost four decades researching and recording the stories of 428 locals who emigrated from Ostbevern to America, documenting his findings in seven books with twelve volumes. His research involved combing through archives, rummaging through old documents, and conducting interviews with emigrants and their family members. Schubert’s work on emigration from Ostbevern between 1833 and 1903 is linked to numerous encounters and intensive research with and about emigrants and family members. He also traveled to the United States to deepen his knowledge and give lectures on his research. Schubert’s books can be viewed in various archives and historical centers.