The Leo House: a refuge forGerman immigrants – in late 19th century


About Article

“The Leo House: A Refuge for German Immigrants” is an article that explores the history and purpose of The Leo House, a guesthouse that has been providing temporary accommodations and support to German Catholic immigrants in New York City since the late 1800s.

The article describes how The Leo House was founded by the German Catholic St. Raphael Society in 1889 to provide a safe and welcoming place for German immigrants to stay while they adjusted to life in America. The Leo House was named after Pope Leo XIII, who was known for his advocacy of Catholic social justice and outreach to immigrants.

Over the years, The Leo House has hosted countless German immigrants and their families, as well as visitors from all over the world. The guesthouse offers comfortable accommodations, meals, and a variety of support services, including language classes, job placement assistance, and referrals to legal and medical resources.

The article also includes photographs of The Leo House’s interior and exterior, highlighting its historic architecture and charming decor. Additionally, it discusses the important role that The Leo House has played in the lives of German immigrants and the broader community throughout the years.