Don Heinrich Tolzmann German-Americana Collection


About Them:

The website appears to be an online exhibition hosted by the University of Cincinnati Libraries that showcases the life and work of Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, a German-American historian and professor.

The exhibition features various artifacts, photographs, and documents related to Dr. Tolzmann’s life and career, including his research on German-American history, his advocacy for German-American cultural organizations, and his involvement in the community.

Some of the items featured in the exhibition include photographs of Dr. Tolzmann at various events and conferences, copies of his publications on German-American history, and personal items such as his passport and travel documents.

The exhibition also provides some historical context about German immigration to the United States and the contributions of German-Americans to American culture and society.

Overall, the exhibition appears to be a tribute to Dr. Tolzmann’s legacy and his contributions to the field of German-American studies. It may be of interest to individuals who are interested in German-American history and culture, as well as those interested in the life and work of Dr. Tolzmann specifically.


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