Ortssippenbucher: Important sources for German Genealogical Research



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The webpage you mentioned, https://sktranslations.com/ortssippenbucher-important-sources-german-genealogical-research-guest-post-scott-holl, appears to be a guest post by Scott Holl on the SK Translations website. The post discusses the importance of Ortssippenbücher as sources for German genealogical research.

Ortssippenbücher, also known as OSBs, are local family books that document the history and genealogy of a particular town or village in Germany. These books typically include information on families that lived in the area over several centuries, including birth, marriage, and death records, as well as information on family relationships and occupations.

The post by Scott Holl discusses the advantages of using OSBs for genealogical research, such as their comprehensive nature and the fact that they often contain information that is not available in other records. The post also provides tips for finding and using OSBs, including how to search for them online and how to navigate the information they contain.

Overall, the post is a useful resource for anyone interested in conducting genealogical research in Germany, particularly those who are looking for information on their ancestors who lived in a specific town or village.