Directory of German Archives


About Them:

The website belongs to the Archivschule Marburg, which is a German educational institution that provides professional training in the field of archives and records management.

The Archivschule Marburg offers a range of courses and programs for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the archives and records management field. These courses cover a variety of topics related to archives and records management, such as archival science, historical research, preservation and conservation of archival materials, digital archiving, and more.

The Archivschule Marburg also conducts research in the field of archives and records management, and publishes academic journals and other publications related to the field. In addition, the institution provides advisory services and consultancy to organizations and institutions related to archival and records management issues.

Overall, the website provides information about the Archivschule Marburg, its courses and programs, research activities, and other services it offers to the wider community interested in archives and records management.


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