About Them:

http://ahnenforschung.net/fernabfrage is a website that provides a remote query service for genealogical research in Germany. It allows users to submit requests for genealogical research to a network of experienced researchers who have access to a wide range of resources, including archives and local repositories.

The website operates on a fee-based system, where users pay a fee for each query they submit. The fees vary depending on the complexity of the research request and the amount of time required to complete it. Once the request is submitted, the researchers will conduct the research and provide a report with their findings.

The website also includes a forum where users can ask questions and share information about their research. Additionally, it provides access to a variety of resources for genealogical research in Germany, such as historical maps, directories, and gazetteers.

Overall, http://ahnenforschung.net/fernabfrage is a valuable resource for anyone conducting genealogical research in Germany, particularly for those who are unable to travel to Germany to conduct their own research. The remote query service provided by the website allows users to access the expertise and resources of experienced researchers, which can be especially helpful in cases where the research is complex or requires access to specialized resources.


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