Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)


About Article:

The webpage is an article on the English-language version of Wikipedia that provides information about the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt), which is a German government agency that is responsible for providing information on the fate of missing German soldiers and civilians from World War II.

The article covers the history of the agency, which was established in 1946 and originally focused on providing information to families of missing soldiers. Over time, the agency expanded its scope to include civilian victims of war and forced laborers. The article also describes the functions and services provided by the agency, including the management of archival records and the processing of inquiries from individuals and organizations seeking information on missing persons.

The article discusses the controversies and criticisms that have been leveled at the agency over the years, including accusations of incomplete or inaccurate record-keeping and difficulties in accessing information. It also provides information on the current status and operations of the agency.

Overall, the Wikipedia article provides a comprehensive overview of the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) and its role in providing information on missing German soldiers and civilians from World War II.