Farm Surnames: What They Are and How to Research Them


About Article:

The webpage is a blog post on the MyHeritage website that discusses the origin and meaning of farm surnames.

The blog post explains that farm surnames are derived from the names of farms or properties where families lived and worked in the past. These surnames were commonly used in rural areas of Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The post provides examples of common farm surnames and their meanings, such as Bergman (meaning “mountain man” in Swedish), Møller (meaning “miller” in Danish), and Van der Meer (meaning “from the lake” in Dutch). The post also explains how farm surnames can be used in genealogy research to trace family history and connections to specific locations.

The blog post is intended to provide interesting information about the history of surnames and their meanings, as well as to offer insights into how genealogy research can be conducted using farm surnames. It may be of interest to individuals who are researching their family history and are curious about the origins and meanings of their surnames.