10 Tips for Deciphering Old German Handwriting

Website: http://sktranslations.com/ten-tips-deciphering-old-german-handwriting About Article: The website http://sktranslations.com/ten-tips-deciphering-old-german-handwriting provides a list of ten tips for deciphering old German handwriting, particularly in the context of genealogical research. Some of the key tips … Read more

Resource Articles Template

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German and Swiss Settlers in America, 1700s – 1800s Immigration Records

Website: https://ancestralfindings.com/immigration-record-lookups/267-german-swiss-settlers-america-1700s-1800s-immigration-records/ About Article The website https://ancestralfindings.com/immigration-record-lookups/267-german-swiss-settlers-america-1700s-1800s-immigration-records/ is a page on the Ancestral Findings website that offers assistance with researching the immigration records of German and Swiss settlers who came … Read more

Le Havre Departing Passenger Lists

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Emigration from Across the Pond

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Mass Emigration to the New World

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From Germany to America: An 1853 Journey

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German Heritage Destinations

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