Le Havre Departing Passenger Lists



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The website https://french-genealogy.typepad.com/genealogie/2016/07/celebrate-le-havre-departing-passenger-lists-are-online.html is a blog post from the French Genealogy website, which provides information and resources for people researching their French ancestry.

The specific blog post is about the availability of departing passenger lists from the port of Le Havre in France. The lists are available online and can be a valuable resource for people researching their French ancestors who emigrated from France through Le Havre.

Some of the key features of the blog post include:

  • Information on the departing passenger lists: The blog post provides an overview of the departing passenger lists from Le Havre, including the dates covered and the types of information included on the lists (such as the passenger’s name, age, occupation, and destination).
  • Links to the online records: The blog post includes links to the online records of the departing passenger lists, which are available on the website of the National Archives of France. The links make it easy for readers to access the records and start researching their French ancestors.
  • Additional resources: The blog post also includes links to other resources related to French genealogy and emigration, such as databases of French immigrants to the United States and information on French emigration to Canada.

Overall, the blog post on https://french-genealogy.typepad.com/genealogie/2016/07/celebrate-le-havre-departing-passenger-lists-are-online.html is a valuable resource for people researching their French ancestry and looking for information on their ancestors who emigrated from France through the port of Le Havre. The post provides information on the departing passenger lists and includes links to online records and other related resources.