Emigration from Across the Pond



About Article

The website you provided (https://sktranslations.com/emigrationrecord_acrossthepond) appears to be a website for SK Translations (now known as GermanyUnlocked), a genealogy and translation service specializing in records from German-speaking areas of Europe.

The specific page you linked to seems to be about emigration records from Germany to other countries, particularly the United States. The page provides information about what types of emigration records are available, how to access them, and how they can be used for genealogical research.

Some of the key points discussed on the page include:

  • The types of emigration records that may be available, such as passenger lists, emigration registers, and passports.
  • Where to find these records, including online databases and archives.
  • Tips for interpreting and using the records, such as understanding the different types of information that may be included and how to overcome language barriers.
  • Examples of how emigration records can be used to uncover family histories and connections.

Overall, the page provides helpful information for anyone interested in researching their German ancestors who emigrated to other countries.