Bibliothek des Brandenburgischen Landeshauptarchivs

Bibliothek des Brandenburgischen Landeshauptarchivs (Library of the
Brandenburg Main Archives)


About Them:

Library of the Brandenburg Main Archives

The website is the official website of the Library of the State Archives in Brandenburg, Germany. The library is part of the State Archives of Brandenburg and is dedicated to preserving and providing access to historical documents and literature related to the state of Brandenburg and its history.

The website provides information about the library’s collections, services, and events. Users can search the library’s catalog to find books, manuscripts, and other materials related to Brandenburg’s history, as well as access digital resources such as historical newspapers and maps.

In addition, the website provides information about the State Archives of Brandenburg and its other holdings, including archival documents, photographs, and other materials related to the history of Brandenburg.

Overall, is a valuable resource for anyone interested in researching the history of Brandenburg, offering access to a wide range of historical documents, literature, and other resources related to this important region of Germany.


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