FS Indexing – Zoning Pilot Project



About Article

The website http://milesgenealogy.blogspot.com/2017/09/familysearch-indexing-zoning-pilot.html is a blog post that describes a pilot project for indexing genealogical records on FamilySearch.org. The pilot project is called “zoning,” and it involves breaking down large indexing projects into smaller, more manageable sections that can be completed by individual volunteers.

The blog post explains the process of zoning and how it works. Essentially, large indexing projects are divided into smaller “zones,” and each zone is assigned to a volunteer indexer. The volunteer indexer then completes the indexing work for their assigned zone, and the completed index is uploaded to the FamilySearch.org database.

The blog post also provides instructions for how to participate in the zoning pilot project, including how to sign up to be an indexer and how to access the indexing projects.