Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin


About Them:

Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin is an archive located in Strasbourg, France, that is responsible for preserving and providing access to historical records from the Bas-Rhin department of France.

The archive’s collections include a wide range of materials such as land records, notarial records, military records, census records, and other public records dating back to the Middle Ages. The materials cover a broad range of topics, including genealogy, local history, and social and political history.

The archive also offers services to the public, including access to its collections, assistance with research and interpretation of records, and workshops and seminars on genealogical and historical research techniques. The archive’s website provides information on its collections, services, and events, as well as tips and resources for conducting research in French archives.

Overall, Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin is a resource for anyone interested in researching the history of the Bas-Rhin department and its people. The archive provides access to a wide range of historical records and offers services to help people interpret and make use of those records.

During the German period (1870-1918), the Departmental Archives of the annexed territories (Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Moselle) experienced a specific operation and development compared to the French departments. The application of German archival directives, instead of French directives, influences the content but also the classification framework of documents. The Departmental Archives of Bas-Rhin, like those of Haut-Rhin and Moselle, are therefore not affected by various measures prescribed in France, such as the classification of papers from the revolutionary period (circular of 1874) or legal deposit. newspapers (circular of 1887). On the other hand, these services benefit from measures taken by the German authorities and which France adopted only later, such as the payment of the old minutes of notaries, decided in 1873, the transfer of judicial records, decided in 1887, the nationalization of the archivist function, established in 1889, or the principle of continuous listing.


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