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About Them:

Welcome to the website of the Association of German Nobility Associations. From the aristocratic associations newly founded after the Second World War, the Association of German Aristocratic Associations was formed in 1956, which was also joined by 4 confessional, long-standing aristocratic associations and 4 knighthoods. 4 regional associations from the east were also formed, which also joined the umbrella association.

The website is dedicated to the study and research of the nobility and aristocracy in Germany, past and present.

The website includes information on German noble families, including their history, coats of arms, genealogy, and biographical information. It also provides resources for researching German noble families, including links to online archives, libraries, and other genealogical resources.

In addition to its genealogical resources, the website also includes information on German noble titles and traditions, as well as news and updates on current events related to the German nobility.

Overall, is a resource for anyone interested in the history and culture of the German nobility. The website provides a wealth of information on German noble families, including their genealogy, traditions, and current events, as well as resources for conducting research on these topics.


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