Omniglot Online Encyclopedia


About Them:

Omniglot is a website dedicated to writing systems and languages from around the world. It was created by Simon Ager in 1998 and has since become a popular resource for language enthusiasts, linguists, and anyone interested in writing systems.

The website features articles and resources on various topics related to languages, such as the history and development of writing systems, language families and groups, grammar and vocabulary, and language learning tips. It also includes a large database of alphabets, syllabaries, and other writing systems, with detailed descriptions and examples of how they are used.

In addition to its extensive collection of writing systems, Omniglot also offers resources for learning specific languages, such as guides to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as links to online language courses and other language-learning resources.

Overall, Omniglot is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the study of languages and writing systems from around the world.


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