German/English Military Dictionary


About Them:

This dictionary has been intentionally limited in scope to military subject matter and directly related fields. It has been compiled primarily for use by American military personnel with at least a fair knowledge of German.

As far as possible the editors have endeavored to furnish actual equivalents rather than literal translations from one language into the other. Thus, although the literal translation of Entwicklung would be “development,” a study of the German operations manual reveals that Entwicklung follows Entfaltung (“development”) and hence is the equivalent of “deployment.” Translations have been provided (generally with a note of explanation) only where equivalents do not exist or could not be found. In the case of ranks, the corresponding United States rank according to function has been given, as listed in TM-E 30-451 (1 September 1943).

In the arrangement of terms the single-entry method has been used. A term like advance guard, will be found only under advance and not under guard.

Entries are arranged in straight alphabetical order, regardless of whether any given entry consists of one word or more, thus: direct current direction directional direction board direct observation.

The only exceptions to straight alphabetical order are a limited number of phrases which the reader would be unlikely to look for under the first word of the phrase. Thus, in Feuerstellung appears under Feuerstellung, not under in. Among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are separated by commas, different meanings by semicolons.

For definitions of many of the English terms used, see TM 20-205, Dictionary of United States Army Terms, 18 January 1944.

The website is a military dictionary that provides translations between German and English military terms. The dictionary was compiled by a German-speaking American officer during World War II, and it includes over 13,000 entries.

The website offers a searchable interface that allows users to look up specific terms in either language. The terms are organized alphabetically and include definitions, usage examples, and, in some cases, illustrations to help clarify meanings. Additionally, the dictionary includes an introduction that provides information about the history and structure of the German military during World War II.

Overall, this website can be a helpful resource for individuals who are researching German military history or need to translate military terms from German to English or vice versa. It is also a valuable resource for individuals who are interested in studying military terminology and language more generally.


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