Tracing German American Immigrants


About Article:

The article on the FamilySearch blog is about tracing German-American immigrants and provides helpful tips for genealogists who are looking to research their German ancestry. The article starts by discussing the importance of understanding the immigrant experience and how it can impact research. It then goes on to provide tips for researching German-American immigrants, such as starting with known information, utilizing historical records, and considering the role of the church in immigrant communities.

The article also covers topics such as German naming conventions, German language resources, and passenger lists. It encourages genealogists to explore different types of records and to consider alternate spellings of surnames. The article also touches on how to use DNA testing to help confirm research and find new connections.

Overall, the article aims to provide a helpful starting point for genealogists who are interested in tracing their German-American immigrant ancestors. By understanding the immigrant experience and utilizing a variety of resources, researchers can uncover new information and make connections to their family’s history.