MigraBase – Auswanderungsdatenbank



About Them:

Emigrant database for the Rhineland (the Prussian province)

The website http://www.wgff-migrabase.de/index.php appears to be a genealogical database that is focused on tracing the roots of families with German ancestry. Specifically, the database appears to be maintained by the Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienkunde e.V. (WGfF), which is a society of family historians that is based in Germany.

The website provides access to a large database of family trees, which have been compiled by members of the society and other contributors. Users can search the database using a variety of criteria, such as name, birthplace, and occupation. The website also provides access to other resources for genealogists, such as maps, historical documents, and research guides.

The website is likely of interest to anyone who is researching their German ancestry or is interested in genealogy more broadly. The WGfF is a reputable organization that is dedicated to promoting family history research, and the database contains a wealth of information that could be useful to researchers. However, it should be noted that the website is primarily in German, so users who do not speak the language may need to use a translation tool or seek assistance from someone who does.


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