Arolsen Archives


About Them:

Database contains a comprehensive collection of documents from concentration camps, including prisoner cards and death notices on over 2.2 million people persecuted by the Nazi Regime and Germans of the Volga, Bessarabia, Kazakhstan, etc

The website is about the Arolsen Archives, which is an international center on Nazi persecution that holds one of the largest collections of Holocaust-related documents in the world. The archives are located in Bad Arolsen, Germany and are dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of Nazi persecution and its victims.

The website provides access to the archives’ extensive collections, which include millions of records related to Nazi concentration camps, forced labor, and the persecution and murder of Jews and other minorities during World War II. The collections include photographs, documents, personal letters, and other items that provide valuable insights into the experiences of victims and survivors of Nazi persecution.

The website also offers guidance on how to search and access the archives’ collections, including information on fees, hours of operation, and how to make an appointment to view the records in person. Additionally, the website provides information on the archives’ educational programs and research initiatives, as well as opportunities for individuals to contribute to the archives’ efforts.

Overall, the website serves as a vital resource for those researching the history of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution, providing access to a wealth of historical documents and personal accounts that help to document this tragic period in world history.


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