Ortssippenbücher / Familienbücher held by the History and Genealogy Department of St Louis County Library



About Them:

The website https://www.slcl.org/content/ortssippenb%C3%BCcher-familienb%C3%BCcher-held-history-and-genealogy-department is a resource provided by the St. Louis County Library in Missouri, USA. It is dedicated to the Ortssippenbücher and Familienbücher collections held by the library’s History and Genealogy Department.

Ortssippenbücher and Familienbücher are German-language genealogical publications that document the families of a particular town or region. They are often compiled by local historians and genealogists and can contain information such as birth, marriage, and death dates, as well as details about family relationships and occupations.

The St. Louis County Library’s collection of Ortssippenbücher and Familienbücher includes over 1,800 titles covering various regions of Germany and other parts of Europe. The website provides information about the collection, including how to access the books and other resources related to German genealogy research.

In addition to the collection of books, the website offers research guides, tutorials, and other educational resources related to German genealogy research. It also provides access to various online databases and other resources that can help researchers in their genealogy research.


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